Workout at home

18.1-1 18.1-2 18.1-3I got this book for chrismas and I’ve had to say that I literally love it! There’s lot of different workouts you can do at home and health recipes. I actually don’t like to spend time in the kitchen cooking but some meal from this book I have to try.

I didn’t find the time to go to the gym today so I did a workout from this book at the afternoon. Now after I can say that I can feel it in my butt and legs. Once again you don’t always need a gym to go to… Talking about health and stuff I put a goal for 2015 to be more flexible and stretch more. This far I’m failing, I kind of forgot my “goal” maybe if I stretch tonight while I’m reading and then it’s done for today (or for the week, hihi). No, next week I promise myself to stretch three times.

 Goodnight everyone, love