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With a gift card in my hand I was determent to get something glittery to my hair, and look what i found. A headband with sparkling “stones”. I hope that it’s comfortable to wear a whole day, hehe^^.

I don’t have time to made a day 2 post from London today but tomorrow I will do it, I promise.

With love, Ella


New blouse

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I’m totally in love with my new blouse from COS. Pretty and cosy to wear. I bought it from London last week, speaking about London I have plan to show you some of my pictures from there. I probably have to divide the images into separate posts because they are so many! I took over 1000 pictures, it’s insane, and now I have to go through them all and make some small editing in lightroom to them all. That’s whats going on right now an London part I post.

Hope you have an great day, love.