Yesterday’s outfit 

This was what I wore yesterday. Blouse from London (maybe Hollister, I can’t remember) and the t-shirt under it is from Odd molly.

I’m writing from my phone right now, and I kind of like it. It’s autocorrect every time I spell something wrong (now it’s a little bit embarrassing if I had spell something wrong). Yesterday I was studying all day after school, when I went to sleep my head was so tired. Today it have been a similar day as yestarday. Except that I was on my piano lesson. 

This pictures I hav took with my big? Camera (is system camera a word on english?) On my phone I have an app could “EOS Remote” and with it I can remote shooting and load the pictures straight to my phone from the camera. I really love this app, like seriously!! On the picture down below I try to demonstrate how it looks like.Love, Ella


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