London day2

Day 2 was an typical “rainy-London-day”. We called it “perfect-weather-to-shop day”. With the underground we went to Stratford were you can find a BIG shopping centre named Westfield Stratford. There you can find all the shops you need, like River Island, Victoria’s secrects, Boozts, Hollister, Starbucks and  so on…londonda2-7 londonda2-8 londonda2-9 londonda2-10 londonda2-11

We ate lunch on a really cool sushi bar, Yo Sushi. As you can see int the pictures down below the food went round an you just grab what looks delicious. londonda2-1

londonda2-5londonda2-4londonda2-3londonda2-6londonda2-2And the food department.londonda2-12 londonda2-13 londonda2-14 We spend almost the hole day at this huge shopping center. My legs hurt so much, haha.

But on the evening we still went to do some more shopping…. Of course we visited Harrods! londonda2-24londonda2-15 londonda2-16 londonda2-17 londonda2-18 londonda2-19 And what I was waiting for… macarones from Laduree.londonda2-20 londonda2-21 londonda2-22 londonda2-23londonda2-25londonda2-26

This was our day two in London, love.


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