London day1

I decided to make four different posts from london one for each day.

So here we go day 1:

We took a early morning flight, and ate a small breakfast in the plane. We flew with British airways and I can really recommended it!


Here you can see the view from my window, beautiful Thames in the background.

londondag1-2 londondag1-3After coming to Heatrow we had a little bit problems with our bags. The airlain had forgot my mums bag in Finland, but luckily it came the day after. Here are some photos near by our Hotel.

londondag1-4 londondag1-5

We used Underground really much, so easy and a fast way to move to different locations.

londondag1-6 londondag1-7

We haven’t any special plans for our first day except to just walking around at the downtown. Check out all the shops at Oxford and Regent street. If I had to choose a favorite of these two it would probably be Regent street, but they were so close to each other so I always mixed them. But on the pictures you can see parts of Regent street.


Candy crush 😉

londondag1-9 londondag1-10

londondag1-11 londondag1-12 londondag1-13

Our first lunch stop, suchii.



By accident we walked past the m&m world. Omg, four floors with only m&m chocolate, mmm…

londondag1-16 londondag1-17 londondag1-18 londondag1-19 londondag1-20



Trafalgar Square


I really love the wheater we had first day, sunshine.

londondag1-23 londondag1-24 londondag1-25 londondag1-26 londondag1-27 londondag1-28

And of course we saw the London eye. We didn’t take a “tour” with the carousel but we saw it.

londondag1-29 My mum standing outside of our hotel. The rooms and breakfast were okay and the staff was really friendly and helpful. The location was awesome, you walked to Madame Tussaud and the underground for about five minutes. londondag1-30 Oxford street by night, so so beautiful with all the lights in the sky!londondag1-31 londondag1-32 londondag1-33 First nights dinner, spagetti bolognese. Both me and my mum were really tired after all travelling so we choose the first best restaurant.londondag1-34 londondag1-35 londondag1-36Already the first night I fell in love with the city.

I try to fix day 2 post to tomorrow if I have time, Love


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