My weekend 

The first picture is from Friday and the others from Saturday. 

What a nice weekend on Friday I was with my friend Ella to the gym and after we went to her. We ate and talk for hours until my mom brought me home. Yesterday I studied almost all day, because next week I have five test to get through. For about five p.m we (me and my other firend Amanda) took the dogs out for a walk to the store and bought something nice to eat. Later we watched a movie and talked.

Today on the morning I took a walk with my dogs. Look what happened to our dog Milla, she definitely have a little bit problems with snow, hihi^^. But now I don’t have time to do anything else then studying, love


Yesterday’s outfit 

This was what I wore yesterday. Blouse from London (maybe Hollister, I can’t remember) and the t-shirt under it is from Odd molly.

I’m writing from my phone right now, and I kind of like it. It’s autocorrect every time I spell something wrong (now it’s a little bit embarrassing if I had spell something wrong). Yesterday I was studying all day after school, when I went to sleep my head was so tired. Today it have been a similar day as yestarday. Except that I was on my piano lesson. 

This pictures I hav took with my big? Camera (is system camera a word on english?) On my phone I have an app could “EOS Remote” and with it I can remote shooting and load the pictures straight to my phone from the camera. I really love this app, like seriously!! On the picture down below I try to demonstrate how it looks like.Love, Ella

Workout at home

18.1-1 18.1-2 18.1-3I got this book for chrismas and I’ve had to say that I literally love it! There’s lot of different workouts you can do at home and health recipes. I actually don’t like to spend time in the kitchen cooking but some meal from this book I have to try.

I didn’t find the time to go to the gym today so I did a workout from this book at the afternoon. Now after I can say that I can feel it in my butt and legs. Once again you don’t always need a gym to go to… Talking about health and stuff I put a goal for 2015 to be more flexible and stretch more. This far I’m failing, I kind of forgot my “goal” maybe if I stretch tonight while I’m reading and then it’s done for today (or for the week, hihi). No, next week I promise myself to stretch three times.

 Goodnight everyone, love 


17.1-217.1-1Two snapshots from today. The first one of my outfit and the second, just a pic of my phone and headphones.

Today has been a kind of a lazy day. I stayed in bed for a long time, I even ate breakfast in bed! That usually never happens… On the afternoon we went to celebrate my cousins birthday.

Tomorrow I will or I have to start to studying, the test week in my school begins next weeks Friday. 6 test in 6 days…

Hope you got a really good day, love

London day2

Day 2 was an typical “rainy-London-day”. We called it “perfect-weather-to-shop day”. With the underground we went to Stratford were you can find a BIG shopping centre named Westfield Stratford. There you can find all the shops you need, like River Island, Victoria’s secrects, Boozts, Hollister, Starbucks and  so on…londonda2-7 londonda2-8 londonda2-9 londonda2-10 londonda2-11

We ate lunch on a really cool sushi bar, Yo Sushi. As you can see int the pictures down below the food went round an you just grab what looks delicious. londonda2-1

londonda2-5londonda2-4londonda2-3londonda2-6londonda2-2And the food department.londonda2-12 londonda2-13 londonda2-14 We spend almost the hole day at this huge shopping center. My legs hurt so much, haha.

But on the evening we still went to do some more shopping…. Of course we visited Harrods! londonda2-24londonda2-15 londonda2-16 londonda2-17 londonda2-18 londonda2-19 And what I was waiting for… macarones from Laduree.londonda2-20 londonda2-21 londonda2-22 londonda2-23londonda2-25londonda2-26

This was our day two in London, love.


blogg-1 blogg-2

With a gift card in my hand I was determent to get something glittery to my hair, and look what i found. A headband with sparkling “stones”. I hope that it’s comfortable to wear a whole day, hehe^^.

I don’t have time to made a day 2 post from London today but tomorrow I will do it, I promise.

With love, Ella

Chicken salad  


After School today I hit the gym and went on a class named TBC ( Totally Body Combat). It was so fun and so sweaty. Last year this was my absolutely favorite class but not anymore. I’ve got a new favorite, of course, F.I.T. I don’t remember what it stands for but it’s like crossfit ;).

I was really hungry after the lesson so when my mum called my to meet here at a cafe I couldn’t be more than happy. I ate an amazing chicken/pasta salad  with grilled chèvre cheese, yummy! I’ve only got an phone pic at it, sorry.

With lots of love, Ella